Welcome to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - we hope to grow these questions as they come in from our customers


Digital Stirplate V3

Is the prebuilt Digital Stirplate V3 the same motor and fan as the DIY Magnetic Stirplate Kit?  Yes, the motor and magnets in both the DIY stirplate kit and the prebuilt units are the same, however the major difference is that the kits use a simple method of speed control with no feedback, whereas the prebuilt units use a microprocessor controlled feedback loop which runs the stirrer at fixed speeds. As an analogy, the prebuilt units are much like having cruise control on a car where it automatically varies power to maintain a set speed. This may not be important to you, but it is useful to help consistency among batches being able to grow starters in the same conditions.

DIY Stirplate Kit V2

What is the maximum RPM for DIY Magnetic Stirplate Kit V2?  It will depend on the glassware you’re using and the viscosity of the liquid but it will be approximately 2000 rpm. This is the same as the Digital Stirplate V3.

Conversions between Metric and Imperial

Can a larger than 1 inch stir bar be used for larger flask for either the DIY Magentic Stirplate Kit V2 or prebuilt Digital Stirplate V3?  We supply you with 2 stir bars for both the DIY Stirplate Kit V2 and the Digital Stirplate V3. These stir bars are 1.18 inch x 0.28 inch. They have been tried and tested out of many stir bars and these are the stir bars we have found to perform best with both the kit and the prebuilt stirplate. Any other stir bar may not give you the same performance.